Suv v/s sedan! Which is a better buy?

Suv v/s sedan! Which is a better buy?

Planning to buy a car?

Buying a car could be a daunting task if one is not sure what to consider. SUV or Sedan!

The debate between buying a SUV or Sedan is a never ending one.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages and unique features that cater to the needs and preferences. However, when it comes to deciding which one to buy there are a few factors to consider: Assessing your lifestyle and daily needs is imperative before you even raise this question in your head.

Suv’s have gained momentum in the current market for its higher ground clearance, interior space and optional four- wheel drive.

These are best appropriate for off roading and tackling inclement

weather conditions. These are equipped with larger space, high end features and advanced technology, thereby making them an expensive proposition than sedan’s. They also have a higher resale value that balances out their higher maintenance cost and insurance. These are best suited for people preferring commanding driving

positions and larger cabin space. How are the Sedan’s different?

The Sedan’s on the other hand are an economical and fuel -efficient option that is preferred in-case of commuting, running errands and weekend getaways. These are lower to the ground providing better

handling and stability. These cars are often preferred by masses looking for sleek designs at affordable rates. Sedan are known for easy manoeuvre in the city offering agile ride due to it’s size and weight.

A test drive of both the vehicles will be helpful in making the final decision. All these inputs should come handy while cracking your Deal.

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Perks of Buying a Pre - Owned Car

Thinking of buying a car?

 Mobility is a necessity in today’s world. Deciding on the right vehicle can be a daunting task if bought without knowledge and guidance. Very often questions are raised to choose between a new vehicle and a pre-owned car. Which option is best suited in current scenario?

Everyone dreams of riding a new luxury car which may or may not be feasible for many owing to budget constraints. Owning a pre- owned vehicle becomes a wise choice in such a situation.

Pre- owned cars in Delhi are sold by many dealers but to find genuine dealer is a marathon.

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Why should we choose United Cars?

*They are the best second hand car dealers in Delhi with a rating of 4.9 by their customers.

*The cars they offer are certified and are completely serviced by the company.

*The insurance of the car is also done by them.

*The Odometer is non- tampered unlike most of the dealers who indulge in malpractices in this trade.

*They facilitate loans from various bank on customer’s requests and make the transaction non cumbersome.

*They make sure all the mechanical jobs in the car are completed before the car is made available to the customer.

*The cars they buy are not extensively used which is any customer’s delight.

*Their commendable after sales service have made them stand out in the crowd and develop a bond with the customers.

The team has always believed in transparency in dealing and hassle free transactions. They always guide you to make the right decision and feel  contented after purchase. 

United Cars are highly recommended & trusted dealers for buying or selling second hand cars.

Perks of Buying a Pre - Owned Car

Is buying a preowned car a wise-decision?

There are many benefits to buying a preowned car over a new one and for several compelling reasons: they are often a much better value than buying new. They depreciate slower, come with a degree of familiarity and they offer unique options that might be difficult to find in the new car market.

So why should you consider buying a pre-owned car over a new one 

Reliability: Another benefit of buying a pre -owned car is reliability. Many used cars are handpicked from reliable dealerships and go through a rigorous inspection process. This means that you can rest assured that the vehicle you are buying is good quality with minimal chances of breakdown or repairs.

Cost savings: pre-owned cars usually carry lower sticker prices than the new vehicles, resulting in immediate savings at the time of purchase. When you factor in the cost of ownership, which includes registration, taxes and insurance you can count on spending less money on the total package than if it were a new car.

Lower depreciation : A new vehicle depreciates quickly as it accumulates miles and ages. A pre -owned car ,on the other hand depreciates slowly and the miles that have already been driven can help keep depreciation cost lower.

 Convenience: when you buy a pre-owned car you can get it serviced, insured, and even financed right at the dealership, removing that hassle and guesswork associated with the purchase of a new car.

If you’re in the process of buying a vehicle consider a pre -owned car. Chances are you will get a better value, a reliable ride, and the satisfaction of knowing you saved.

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